St. Louis Training Circle MMA Club

NOW an OFFICIAL Straight Blast Gym International Affiliated Training Group!

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Welcome to St. Louis Training Circle – we offer
classes in MMA combat sport and self defense. We
are a community of both boxing and grappling
competitors as well as “average joes” who enjoy training MMA
for fitness, fun and effective self-defense. We
train a very technical game, and train a lot, and definitely train hard at
our MMA Classes. In the off-times we have weights,
cardio, jobs and families.

If you’re reading this, you must be interested in MMA Classes
and live in the St. Louis, Missouri
area. In this website you’ll find lots of answers to your questions not only
about what we do here in our classes, but also a
lot of good information about MMA and Self
in general.

Our club’s goal is to provide a safe, fun environment for people to train
the athletic responses of MMA (Boxing
and Thai Boxing, Wrestling
and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). We train the fundamentals,
focusing on high percentage fighting techniques
and a highly technical game.

If you are interested in possibly training MMA
with a great group of people, then please start with the link How We Train and begin to find out about our methods at
St. Louis Training Circle.