There is a great debate about the usefulness of combat sports in real life street fights. Whether you are standing on a golf course with your driverĀ (which will not be as forgiving to the human head as it is to your golf swing) in hand or in a nightclub, some people contend that combat sports are not as effective when applied in real life. On the other hand, there are those who believe that combat sports can save your life. In this article, I will shortly discuss how a combat sport like MMA can be effective as a self-defense.

mma-for-defense_01Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is an art of fighting which combines different styles of fighting that results in the best striking and grappling styles. Nowadays, MMA is mostly composed of Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Boxing styles. The said styles of fighting have been used by the military and can be useful in street fights. How? These fighting styles teach the person a valuable survival skill– quick reflexes. How quick your reflexes are could determine if you would get hit or stabbed by your attacker during a street fight. If you are quick and you know the basics of how an opponent may move, then you would most likely survive a street fights.

mma-for-defense_02There are those who argue that MMA is only a combat sport that has a lot of rules which makes it an ineffective self-defense. This may hold true in competitions but not necessarily in real life combat. In a real street fight, an MMA fighter is free to punch his attacker’s Adam’s apple as well as apply the techniques he has learned in his MMA classes. The point here is if an MMA fighter applies the rules in competition to a real life street fight, then that is his own fault, but that doesn’t negate the effectiveness of MMA being an effective self-defense.

Mixed Martial Arts can be useful in surviving a street fight, but the MMA fighter must be mindful of the possible pitfalls of MMA and customize their art when using it as an actual self-defense.

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