St. Louis Training Circle MMA Club

NOW an OFFICIAL Straight Blast Gym International Affiliated Training Group!

As of 4/20/2010 St. Louis Training Circle is proud to finally join with Straight Blast Gym International as their St. Louis Area Affiliated Training Group.
Straight Blast Gym International is known for their highly effective coaching techniques that take fighters from beginner to winner in very little time. Joining Straight Blast Gym as an
Affiliated Training Group is not so simple as merely throwing some money in an envelope and paying for the name. SBGi has a very strict standard placed on coaching and fighting
ability, as well as on proper (friendly) classroom vibe and professional gym ownership. As such we are very proud to have met their standard, and will do our best to continue to actively
meet or exceed it for each of our members. To learn
more about what makes Straight Blast Gym such a great organization, please feel free to visit the link below.

We are happy and proud to be a part of this
amazing fighting and coaching organization.

Straight Blast Gym International Website – Click the Big Ape !