Equipment required for your first Mixed Martial Arts
Lesson at St. Louis Training Circle

  • Mouthpiece
  • Supporter with hard cup
  • Athletic pants or shorts free of plastic or metal
  • T-shirt or long sleeved shirt free of plastic or metal

The mouthpiece and supporter with hard cup can be purchased at Sports Authority,
Target, Venture, Johnny Mac’s or any other similar store. If you like you can save
a few bucks by getting the hard plastic Everlast Double Mouth Guard for around $8.
However, if you have any dental work, and you intend to stay in this sport a while,
you cannot beat the Shock Doctor mouthpieces – the more gel in them the better in my
opinion. They are very comfortable, and will not damage your dental work like
the hard plastic Everlast sometimes can (after a year or so of fighting.) They cost more,
often around $20, but if your teeth are important to you it is a bargain.

Make certain your pants and your T-shirt have no metal or plastic snaps or
zippers. Also, do not wear muscle shirts – your shirt must cover your exposed
arm pits.
Shirts and pants could end up being stretched or ripped during class
so do not wear your favorite shirt for fight training.

Do not purchase boxing gloves, bag gloves, cage fighting gloves or the like
before attending your first class.
Most of the equipment sold in the St. Louis
area is junk – it is both not safe for training and not worth the money charged.
We have a sponsorship with American Standup – makers of quality Mixed Martial
Arts equipment – as such you can get all your equipment at a discount if you
are a St. Louis Training Circle Mixed Martial Arts Club member.

To our knowledge no other Mixed Martial Arts Club in St. Louis offers equipment
at wholesale prices to it’s members through sponsorship from a professional
equipment manufacturer.