What we Train at St. Louis Training Circle

Martial Arts that provide the Fundamentals for our Fight

At St. Louis Training Circle we train a Mixed Martial Arts curriculum composed
of high percentage techniques from some of the greatest fighting sports existing
today. We feel it is important for martial artists to primarily train high
percentage fight techniques – the fighting techniques that work for most people
most of the time. As a result our fighters go from 0 to 60 mph in their fight
game in a much shorter time – and have much more fun as well.

For our Stand Up Striking techniques we use mostly Western Boxing
complemented with Thai Boxing.

Our Clinch Striking game at our gym involves both standard and “dirty”
Western Boxing techniques and Thai Boxing elbows and knees.

Our Clinch Takedown & Throwing game is primarily made up of Collegiate
styles, especially Folk and Greco Roman, but is also well complemeneted
by some of the techniques and concepts from Judo.

Our Ground Fighting is almost entirely Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,
but also includes some of the escapes and controls from Collegiate Wrestling.

Our Weapons Curriculum is not often trained, but always fun. We primarily
train MMA – but the sticks are so much fun we have to break them out and play
with them on occasion.

If you want to be able to defend yourself against a larger opponent you have
to train in an athletic system that works against an aggressive, stronger
attacker.  This is the only kind of Self Defense that will ever work
under a serious threat.  Our gym’s system is an exceptional method of
real world self defense that will work when under high pressure from a real
world attack.