Who is NOT Welcome at our MMA Club

At many MMA Gyms, you will find the owners and staff are quite sales driven. You can tell this from the moment you walk in the door. Some guy hustles up to you at some point,
shakes your hand, and starts the “buddy sale” with you. You know the buddy sale technique – he acts like you guys are real friends and it is all so obviously phony that it makes you feel
dirty like you need a shower somehow. Then he digs for your phone number and email account, because he intends to call you a couple more times, you know, as your “buddy”
just to see how you’ve been and when you are coming in to pay. Mostly the latter reason, right? And it is insulting.

These guys will sign up anyone, and I mean ANYONE, into their gyms, so long as the sign-up has a heart beat and a bank account. Again, the latter is more important
in this case. What I mean is that I’m pretty sure that if you had a bank account, but no heartbeat, they’d sign you up anyway (if they could just figure out a way…)

We have nothing against a desire to earn a good living for your family. We have nothing against good sound business practice. That is all very fine.

The negative is that the gyms that are like this are typically full of people that were willing to sign, with few other qualifiers. As such, there are a lot of jerks in the gym.
The gym owner is more interested in money and sign-ups than keeping a good, safe gym culture. And so your safety is constantly put at risk while you train
with these people that should not be in the gym in the first place.

When you visit these gyms hopefully your gut instinct will tell you that regardless of how fancy their gym is, they are not genuine, and you would
do better elsewhere. Hopefully you will listen to your gut instinct.

At our gym it is a little different. We are very picky about who trains here, and who doesn’t. Tough guys, jerks and dickweeds are simply not welcome
here. If you do not care about your partners safety, if you do not listen to good instruction, if you have a chip on your shoulder or have ANYTHING to prove
at all you will be asked to leave. Well, actually, we are a lot more patient than that. Lots of people show up thinking they are on an episode of
The Ultimate Fighter and want to “Go All Out” and insist on doing it. We first explain to them where they are (you are not in the movie Fight Club, bro) and what
we expect. If they don’t get it, and are still acting like a tough guy, taking chances with their partners safety, and ignoring good technical instruction
then that person is quickly NOT WELCOME.

It’s OK with us if you would rather leave than learn a good, solid technical fight game. If you are bent on the idea that you are somehow justified to
punch new and learning members full in the face as hard as you can, if you think you can “just power out of” Jiu Jitsu holds (maybe you CAN but is that really
what you show up at a Jiu Jitsu gym to do? or do you show up to learn Jiu Jitsu?) or you just walk around acting tough with your chest puffed up and a stiff
tough guy face – don’t even show up at all. We sincerely don’t need you. We don’t need your money, we don’t need your ignorance, and we don’t need your