Why We Train MMA – Benefits of Training MMA

Health & Fitness

One of the things we hear the most from new students of MMA is “Man, I’m out of shape, sorry about that.” No problem! One of the reasons we are here is to help you get back in shape so there is nothing for you to feel sorry about. Whether you are out of shape and want to get back in shape, or whether you are already carved out of wood and want to be sculpted from steel – MMA Training will help you meet that goal. But not only is it strenuous, it is also a great time. In this way, you can easily forget you are working out in the middle of a round wrestling or boxing with you opponent. In our opinion this is the only kind of exercise you can expect to benefit from long term – it must be something you genuinely enjoy or you are not likely to stick with it for a long term change.

Fun & Friendship

A lot of gyms take an over-serious approach to training. Lots of stiff salutes and mock drama seem to rule the classroom rituals. Maybe some people like all that bowing, and “Sensei” this and “Sensei” that. Not us. We just show up for a good work out, a good time, and a little fellowship A false hierarchy complete with rituals of false respect do nothing for your learning of martial arts and in our experience actually impede it. Most people just want to relax after a hard day of work or school and really don’t need yet another person to call “Sir” and defer to. We are here for the fun, the workout, and the friendship. It’s healthier, it’s more real, and it’s more fun. Save “Sir” for the office, if at all.

Self Directedness & Self Empowerment

At our MMA Gym we make no promise of offering you Self-Discipline. We feel that the days of discipline have long passed, and what is more important these days is Self-Empowerment. Discipline, even Self-Discipline, implies an outer authority that requires our compliance. Self-Empowerment, on the other hand, implies that the individual is self-directed, and chooses his own course without fear of any outside power. This is true courage. MMA training will teach you to have the right reaction in conflict situations, whether in an alley or at the office, school or factory. Real fight training gives on a good measurement of their self, and this self-measurement and self-evaluation offers a sense of perspective that will serve as a useful tool all throughout life.

Challenge and Joy of Combat Competition

Few things in the world are more exhilarating than preparing oneself for battle. Whether that battle be real, in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition, Boxing, or MMA is of no regard. All forms of combat sport competition will cause you to question yourself and measure yourself anew. Whether you win or lose, you will have learned a lot about yourself that cannot be easily learned elsewhere. Until we are pressure tested with the possibility of personal failure, there is and will remain a part of ourself that is unknown to us. We can and do compete 4-6 times yearly. All members that are willing to meet minimum conditoining requirements are welcome to come along with us. We highly recommend you do so. Many of us feel nothing has affected us in life quite so positively as combat sport competition

Self Defense

Don’t let the Traditional Martial Artists or Krav Maga specialists fool you. Mixed Martial Arts training is the very best, most efficient and effective way to train yourself to survive a hand to hand assault. While we do not recommend our fighters do anything other than run in a real attack, if you cannot run, MMA will serve you better than any other training method. Does this mean you are guaranteed a win in the altercation? To paraphrase Rickson Gracie – If you are not killed, then you have won. This is a sobering conclusion from a man who knows what he is talking about. Fighting is not the high school fight of our youth. As adults, a serious fight often ends in the hospital or the local prison. But if you are forced, MMA is the very best delivery system for self defense. Let’s hope you never have to use it!